Video poker has one of the best winning potentials among many other slot machines, card games, or dice. The house edge is low and therefore more rewarding for you. And sometimes the return to players can even go beyond 100 percent when you factor in casino bonuses and incentives such as deposit bonuses, cash back options, free games, and other casino add-on offers. Are you playing just for fun and entertainment? Then perhaps you can choose to play a low volatility variant of video poker. Otherwise, if you are patient and would like to be successful, then you have to choose the high volatility variants where you cannot win often but when you win.

You really win big! The choice is yours. For the different variants of video poker games, you can simply compare the highest possible win payout. If the win multiplier is higher then it is a high volatility game and if the highest win multiplier is comparatively low then it is a low volatility game. The potential winner also varies based on the accumulated payouts of all the winning combinations listed in the pay table. For example, video poker jack or better generally offers a win potential of 98.4% to 99.6%, video poker deuce wild offers a payout between 96.7% and 98%, video poker joker wild offers a profit potential of 97% to 98%.

With some skill and optimal playing strategies, you can further enhance your winning potential. For example, in the Jacks or Better video poker variant, you can look at the pay table to determine all the reasonable ways to play your hand and select the highest paying play on the list. If a hand is not on the pay table, it should never be played. Suppose your dealt cards can make one potential flush or two pairs, then you must sacrifice the possible flush and keep the pair low or vice versa. The optimal strategy suggests keeping potential flush cards and discarding the low pair, since the payoff for the flush is higher than the payoff for two pairs.

Similarly, you can determine the strategies for other winning hands in the context of your dealt cards and the payout rules of the game. The rules for playing video poker on the Internet are fairly simple and are easily listed on the game panels of most video poker sites. You can access our resources on poker rules and strategies on our website to get the best of everything in one place under one roof. You simply have to make a winning poker hand with all five cards dealt to you, you can use your ability to choose to hold or redraw and then be rewarded according to the pay table of the particular video poker variants.

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